Our positive approach towards Sustainability is based on below mentioned factors:
Use of Low Liquor Ratio Dyeing Machines, which saves
dyes & chemicals, 25%
water 40%
energy 50%
time 25%
Less pollution load in environment 40%

Zero liquid discharge GMT dyeing machine (E-Flow)         It saves followings as compared to conventional process

water 90%
energy 50%
chemicals 40%
time 50%

Zero pollution load in Environment

Waste Water Treatment Plant A Brief Introduction

Biological Treatment – MBBR:

MBBR processes use plastic media support carriers, the carrier is typically designed to have a high surface area per unit volume, so that there is a lot of surface area on which the microorganisms attach and grow.

MBBR technology is very efficient in removal of BOD, COD, Oil and Grease, TSS and etc.