Sustainability in Kay & Emms:
In Kay & Emms, we are working towards Sustainability from many years and there is a progressive environment in the premises regarding Sustainability. We are working in all three major areas of sustainable development i.e. environmental protection, social responsibility and economic practices. Now we are committed and working to align our complete supply chain, processes and resources towards a sustainable growth. Our roadmap and goals for the future are the following.

We’ve split our sustainability roadmap into the following phases with key topographies;

Phase-I (2011-2015):
  • Capacity development
  • Collaboration with institutes and organizations for third party assessment and trainings
  • Improvement through awareness
Phase-II (2016-2020):
  • Improvement through investments
  • Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals
Phase-III (2021-2025):
  • Alignment of organization goals with SDGs
  • Partnership for achieving these goals

Sustainability Achievement:​

Kay and Emms is enthusiastically ensuring the sustainability throughout the business flow by focusing;

  • GHG emission control and further reduction target
  • Water reduction in processing
  • Waste water management and recycling
  • Responsible consumption of energy resources
  • Renewable energy initiatives
  • Sustainable raw materials
  • Chemical management
  • Solid waste management
  • Legal and Customer compliances

To avoid process wastages, well maintained automation in all the business flow, we have achieved below mentioned significant score in past ten year journey of sustainability.