Corporate Social Responsibility

Kay & Emms: Committed to Social Impact
At Kay & Emms, we believe true success extends beyond business results. Contributing positively to our community is a core value, embedded in our vision to be a “meaningful contributor to society.” We are committed to making a lasting impact through various initiatives:

Empowering Education:
  • Managing local government schools: We actively manage 2-3 government schools near our factory, providing comprehensive “A to Z” support to ensure quality      education for underprivileged children.
  • Partnering with Care Foundation: As part of the Care Foundation network, we support numerous schools across Pakistan, empowering future generations.
  • “Liver Centre” establishment: We played a leading role in establishing the city’s “Liver Centre,” a crucial healthcare facility catering to the community’s needs.   
Empowering Employees:

Robust employee welfare schemes: We prioritize employee well-being through comprehensive welfare schemes, ensuring their financial security and overall satisfaction.
K-Foundation: A Legacy of Social Impact:
Established in 2008, K-Foundation is our non-profit arm, channeling a fixed portion of our profits towards impactful initiatives

  • Education: Supporting adopted schools and talent development programs, nurturing young minds.
  • Healthcare: Providing financial aid to esteemed institutions like Khadija Mahmood Trust Hospital and Shoukat Khanum Trust Hospital, ensuring access to quality  healthcare.
  • Social Welfare: Facilitating marriage arrangements for daughters and sisters of underprivileged families, promoting social stability.              
Workers welfare school (Boys)​
ICU inauguration GM Abad General Hospital
Kidney care center-inauguration