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In order to understand the art and history of dyeing,we must first understand the process.. of dyeing itself. According to Webster’s dictionary, dyeing is “the process of coloring fibers, yarns or fabrics by using a liquid containing coloring matter for imparting a particular hue to a substance.” There are three basic methods of “imparting a particular hue” to a substance. The first is by staining an item, a temporary means of coloration where the color is rubbed or soaked into an item without the benefit of some sort of chemical fixative to preserve the color. The next is the use of pigmentation, wherein the color is fixed to the surface of an object by another adhesive medium. A true dye is when the color of a substance is deposited on another substance in an insoluble form from a solution containing the colorant.

The Fabric Processing has a capacity of dyeing 20 ton per day. It is equipped with ,Scholl, Gaston and krantz dyeing machines. It is capable of dyeing both 100% cotton and blended fabric. The machine size selection gives the flexibility in dyeing a lot size ranging from 100 kgs to 1,000 kgs.

Our in-house and very well-equipped Dyeing department with a production capacity of around 20,000 Kg of dyeing / day allows us to fully meet our dyeing requirements. We have dyeing machines for dyeing cotton fabric and a fully computerized high temperature jet-dyeing machine to dye all kinds of synthetic fabrics including polyester. A well equipped laboratory ensures all dyed fabric is properly checked, as per buyer’s requirements, for factors such as shrinkage, color fastness, etc.

Computerized control systems manages all the dyeing lines ensuring color consistency and quality. The massive continuous dying lines and more versatile jiggers and pad steam units allow K & Emms to dye fabrics in the widest imaginable colors and the most impressive range of dye stuffs. Products dyed at kay & Emms ensures continuity, fastness and uniformity.

Machinery Details and Capacity

Our knitting unit is producing fabrics of excellent quality with minimum defects. Additionally, an online fabric inspection system is in function to meet the international quality parameters as required by most of our customers. “4–points quality system “introduced by J.C PENNY (USA) is also being followed at our knitting facility.

Dyeing Lab

In order to maintain the quality of processed fabric, K&M has testing laboratory with latest equipment to check the fabric. It ensures that the fabric quality is maintained and is according to the required parameters of our customers.

We can pride having Multi Fastnertesting machine on which 19 tests can be done ( We are the only one in Pakistan)

Dyeing Lab Machines

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